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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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all, despite the security and the threat of a resistance campaign organized over the internet. the tsas insist that it is trying to treat passengers with dignity despite the underwear scanners and uncomfortable patdowns. a new group has been exempted from the imaging devices, the so-called nude day cams. pilots can bypass the machines and be aggressive pat downs, but they still have to go through the metal detectors. passengers, not so lucky. cancer survivor thomas sawyer said an aggressive inspector burst his urine bag, leaving him to fly in urine-soaked clothes. >> i was just port food. my underwear had been dropped to the floor. i'm standing in front with my underwear, had to ask to pull it up. >> how far will inspectors go to make sure no one brings liquid or plastic explosives on to airplanes?
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the tsa administrator says there are limits. >> the terrorists could secret things in their body cavities on the planes. will you be searching people's body cavities. >> no. what we try to do is be informed by the latest intelligence and testing that's been done. >> the tsa says less than 3% of passengers have been subjected to the pat-downs, and two- thirds say they are willing to accept some discomfort with the government promise that it will keep them safer. >> the tsa has launched a big pr effort to try to explain the procedures. >> you have the option to request that the patdown be conducted in a private room. >> but tsa administrator bristol said he decided not to launch the big pr campaign before he ruled out the new security system. he said he really wanted to have everything in place, and he says, if you warn the public, you also warn the
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terrorists beforehand. lesley? >> it's a delicate balancing act; that's for sure. we'll see what happens tomorrow. thank you. not everyone in our area is going to be taking to the air this holiday week. triple aaa mid atlantic estimates more than 989,000 people in our area will take to the roads to get to their destinations. >> and the maryland state highway administration is helping to ease the gridlock. starting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. they will suspend all nonemergency road construction. the work will not start up again until monday morning. north and south korea were back at war again for about an hour this afternoon as the north launched a massive artillery barrage at a south korean island, and the south shot back with artillery fire and a dire warning. we're live at the surveillance tape center with the latest. >> as you know, north and south korea stopped fighting back in 1953, but technically they are still at a state of war and today we came within a hair of
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losing that word technically. apparently without any warning, the north pummeled the island with an estimated 200 shells. then the south hit back with about 80 from its own how witsers, and they put their fighter jets on alert. >> we strongly condemn the aggression, and stand firmly with our allies. the subject came up in my meetings with the chinese ministry of foreign affairs, and i think we both share a view that such a conflict is very undesirable. >> now, at the white house, officials said they woke up the
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president this morning at 4 a.m. to tell him about the attack, and the white house then issued a statement condemning it, and reaffirming this nation's support for its longtime alley, south korea, where we know 28,000 u.s. troops are still stationed. now, we also should note that north korea wants to restart the six-party talks, which are aimed at curtailing its nuclear program and giving it more international aid. north korea actually walked away from the talks a couple of years ago. some analysts suggest that all of this is really just a bid for more international attention. as it stands now, it's hard to say that it hasn't worked. lesley? >> all right, derek. thank you for that. we have a 9 news update from prince george's county and a question, should a child 14 years old be tried as an adult, a child who was accused of killing a teacher? a judge has to answer that question. we can expect a ruling next month. the killing took place february at the carlton happen youth facility. the teenager 13 at the time. the victim was 60-year-old
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hannah wheeling, a general studies teacher. in manassas tonight, more teens arrested in connection with suspected gang stabbings. started friday, when teenagers attacked and killed 15-year-old miguel hernandez as he walked home from school. police say that led to retaliation, a stabbing that left another teenager injured sunday at a shopping center, and tonight police have charged two teens in the second incident. >> a laundry list of charges just got longer against a man linked to stabbings from michigan to ohio to leesburg virginia. the suspect is eli yes, sir butson in custody in michigan. prosecutors there have added another charge of attempted murder against him. he now faces charges in three murders and seven attempted murders with even more charges possible. a job found on a beach in arube bah does not belong to missing teenager natalie hallway, the word from prosecutors in aruba. forensic scientists conducted a
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detailed examination based on dental records. she was 18 when she disappeared from a trip in 2005. she was last seen leaving a bar with joran van der sloot, the prime suspect in her disappearance. >> in norfolk, a jury deliberating the case of five men from somalia, accused of launching an attack against u.s. navy ships. the incident took place last april against the coast of africa. . the uss nicholas on patrol. prosecutors say the defendant sprayed gunfire in a short- lived attempt to take the vessel. this is believed to be the first piracy trial of the u.s. since the civil war. still to come on 9 news now. cardinal don gnarled whirl in washington tonight. hear from the latest member of the cardinal.
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northbound 270 not to be out done. headed to the way station. in virginia southbound 95 from below the beltway, headed past route 223. down to quantico. all lanes are open. thanks, richard. get an appliance. some big-name companies offering freebies to encourage you to spend this weekend. bank robber will give you a -- mila giving away a vacuum with a year supply of bags. spend three to fifteen thousand dollars on da core products, you could get a free microwave, door and ventilation system on the high side. and lg wants to give away steaks and other food if you buy one of nine lg ranges . on to round 3 of the alaska senate battle between republican candidate joe miller
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and write-in candidate lisa markowski. miller filed a lawsuit against the state over how the write-in ballots were counted. the new goal to stop the state from using their discretion in deciding voter intent on the spelling of markowski's name. the race was called for incumbent markowski last week. she ran as a write-in candidate after losing the primary to  miller. meanwhile more virginiaens voted this year than they did a year ago. that is according to the state board of elections. in all, 45% of virginia voters cast ballots on november 2nd. and experts predicted a low turnout because there were no big statewide races. in. coming up next on 9 news you know, the pope broadens his comments on who should use condoms. why the pontiff shifted the church policy. first a preview of tonight's cbs evening news.
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switching to progressive could mean
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the pope said condom use by people such as male prostitutes is a lesserel. that is because they are trying to protect their partner from infection. a top vatican official said he asked the pope if that applied only to men. the official said the pontiff replied it didn't matter. the important thing was to take responsibility and consider the life of another person. . >> peggy fox there for the arrival at dulles airport and
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the special gift given to a police officer. >> put a ring on your finger, which is a reminder of the special obligation that you have to the pope, the special bond between this local church, the church in washington and the pope. >> cardinal don gnarled whirl is fourth in a row and the fifth bishop in washington to become a cardinal. some of his followers from the native pittsburgh and new home of washington traveled home to arlington. >> we're happy for the church worldwide that a great shepherd
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has been elevated leader. >> there are 2 to 300 cardinals who run the church. >> will have a larger platform to stand and from which to be heard, making me conscious of the responsibility. >> as cardinal whirl headed to his car, he handed an airport police officer a medallion from the vatican, an unexpected and treasured memento. >> this is a medallion from the ceremony. want you to have that. >> thank you so much. >> a moment that stood out for him was when he looked at him and said washington, which was an acknowledgment of the faithful in the area. >> cardinal whirl told peg combi he did not want a statement from the vatican allowing the use of conadopts to prevent the spread of hiv, because he had not read it yet, but he said the church is open for change. seems councilman marion
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berry's annual turkey giveaway has hit a bump in the road. according to his office, he was able to deliver 2,000 turkeys or he was supposed to deliver 2,000 turkeys to the residents of ward 8. that did not happen, because he said giant would not deliver the turkeys. he said he raised the money to pay for the birds, but that giant would not deliver without the full amount. giant released this following statement saying this morning, 230 turkeys were delivered and the remainderly arrive tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. while we are disappointed in the council member's comments, giant is committed to delivering the remainder of the turkeys so that hundreds of families can enjoy their thanksgiving meals. >> the women of the in street village in dc got a little help to have a happy thanksgiving. first choice government solutions handed out turkey dinners today, and each meal feeds a family of five. comes with the fixes, the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the gravy, the stuffing,
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cranberry sauce and apple pie. in street village provides affordable housing for low and moderate income people and families. for more stories, go to our web site at >> if you've got a story or a news tip, contact us and be part of the team. certainly didn't feel very thanksgiving-like today. almost 70 degrees. >> yeah. i don't like that. >> the correction comes tonight and tomorrow. we'll lose 20 degrees by the time tomorrow rolls. >> go to live doppler. you can access it with our web site. most of the showers in southern maryland or the northern neck. that's pretty much it. southern sections of st. mary's county, and that is it in terms of showers. everybody to the north and to the west, 95, and done. >> let's go to the temperatures, because they're still toasty. 65 downtown, 62 in arlington.
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57 in bethesda, 60 in bellsville. out to the west, still warm, 60 in fairfax and sterling 61 in leesburg. 55 in manassas. the cold air on the way. we'll feel it tomorrow. surveillance picture, radar combined. the next storm out in the west. a pretty big storm. that will be here as we get into friday talking temperatures tomorrow and great falls holding in the single digits. this will freak everybody out in l.a. l.a. might not make 60 tomorrow or thanksgiving day. in the meantime a break between that storm and the storm that is exiting the east coast. so all of the showers are pretty much history now, except for extreme southern maryland and the northern neck. high pressure will build in and clear out quickly. here's the deal. travel day okay. turkey bowels a little bit wet, breezy and cold on wednesday. showers on thanksgiving.
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if you want to take a walk after the dinner meal, it will probably be okay. but some of the neighborhood games wet. friday definitely wet and cooler, and then brisk on saturday. >> for tonight, then, showers ending, clearing, breezy and colder. low temperature 36 to 44. and the winds northwesterly 10 to 15, we'll kind of jump-start the cold air later on. 36 in gaithersburg, 48 downtown, 38 buoy, 39 in reston. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy, cold, grab your shade, 30s and 40s. >> 50 tomorrow, a lot of clouds. showers, rain on friday, highs around 50. our nice weekend in a row.
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chilly, 49 on saturday, nice on the terps, and 52 on sunday. the sunshine. gets milder again next week. 55 on monday and more showers as we get into tuesday with temperatures by then in the upper. montgomery county, fairfax, stafford. you name it. >> absolutely. >> brett -- another brett is coming to town this weekend with a team. >> mr. farve. >> yes. >> and we thought that the redskins were in disarray. >> the skins brace for the captains of chaos coming in. >> plus the round mound of frown was actually smiling today. >> big al doing some good
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things. tell you about him on sports.
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just when you thought the redskins were leading the league in chaos, the vikings show up. the players hate the coach. the coach hates brett favre. they make the redskins seem like the waltons. but a desperate team can be a dangerous team. the vikings fired brad
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childress yesterday. that reinvigrates the guys as they come into fedex field on saturday. the cowboys 2-0 as they fire phillips. so don't write the vikings off. >> coming here trying to make sure that the new coach star well. >> they wanted him. you know, they're going to fight hard. >> saw what happened with the cowboys when they fired their coach. don't want the same thing to happen here. >> albert haynesworth, chris cooley, and a dozen players spent their day off today as the skins did their turkey giveaway. not often you find gary williams in a good. >> after beating a bunch of cupcakes in the season. the terps play fourth ranked pitt and illinois. while maryland lost both of those games, it was by a combined total of 13 points.
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as they get ready to play delaware state, gary found the trip a valuable lesson for their team. >> he was a little bit mad. as you can tell, to know how good the team can be in the future. >> definitely got better from the losses. >> all righty, then,. >> time for you to pick the game of the week. four to choose from. you've got broad run, paying back briar woods. urbana writing three straight shutouts. damascus hosts wakefield. you can cast your vote at it has been three games without john wall for the wizards. might be four. cliff sounders said they'll check his foot before game time and make a decision then. the whiz aren't waiting around. they signed alonzo g today. he played 16 games for the wizards last year.
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he was the mvp of the nba's developmental league, averaging 21 a game. not bad. >> gets times to start with, and gives us energy, defenseabilitity and gets them in there and run. >> uva at the maui invitational taking on oklahoma. this is the man we profiled two weeks ago. that's farrakhan, steel break dunk as they rebound from the 43-point loss last night. they beat ou by 18. >> the gnats offer arbitration to adam done. if he accepts he'll get a deal for around 15 million, but he's not likely to accept. finally tonight tell me what's going on here. pacers licking the cavs. danny ranger goes into the crowd to chase a loose ball. runs over people. but on his way out he gives a kiss to the woman he ran over. and she didn't seem to mind. >> okay. >> wonder what his reaction would have been if he ran over
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a guy named earl. >> would have been interesting.


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